Monday, February 14, 2011

Designer PR?

Public Relations is not a fashion fad, we establish and maintain lasting relationships! Communication is not “last season,” it always has been and always will be a powerful tool that can either help us to avoid World War III or steer your company’s profits to the JSE Listing.

Sure, (same as any designer) we stay abreast with trends, we strategise and we meet our clients’ objectives. No PR plan is ever the same. We draft proposals, plan, visualize and sketch a “mood board” so that we can appeal to the client’s emotion and persuade him or her that we should represent them.

Public Relations practitioners use their communication skills to avoid or manage a disaster. A pretty frock will not manage your reputation, but a skanky frock will damage your reputation.

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  1. Very well put Mrs Coolsaet! Very realistic view on the subject.