Sunday, February 13, 2011

It is wrong!

This story breaks my heart. Two matriculants badly want to further their studies. The one wants to study journalism and the other wants to study anatomy. Both girls meet the entrance requirements for the respective courses. They apply ahead of time, but sadly, they do not receive a response regarding their applications. Could it be that their letters informing them of the status of their applications got lost in the mail? Perhaps their paperwork was incomplete?

So to you, mister or miss administrator, you failed to mail these girls their letters. Your failure to do your job reflects badly on the institution that you work for. You hold these girls’ future in your hands. It is wrong of you to be rude to two innocent teenagers and crush their dreams when they come to enquire as to why they did not receive any communication from the institution. It is wrong to crush their want, their need and their spirit to rise above their circumstance. How dare you send them away to become domestic workers?


  1. Very powerful! I've also experienced my fair amount of frustration with the's unacceptable!

  2. University admin. in general is quite disgusting! To you your future means everything, but to them it's as if you're just another student. I feel you on this one Cindz. Definitely something that needs to be given some serious thought.

  3. Its unfortunate that one's future is in the hands of lazy and unprofessional people. I mean treat people the way you'd want to be treated.

  4. first of all i like ur blogs name.

    "Chronicles of a drama queen
    Freedom of speech." im blown away.

    Iexperienced the whole no response thing, but i took the step to call and find out as to what is going on... and the worst department is the ressidence department... we apply in advance (July) and they dont even communicate to u...

    (I did not mention names right?)