Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spotlight on Africa.

Is it fair to say the Western culture is individualistic and the “African way” is to promote “ubuntu”/collectivism? I think not, and I believe that many South Africans agree with me.
The “I Lead SA” campaign challenges us to stop pointing fingers at others. It encourages us to take ownership for our wrongs and to modify our behaviour towards others. We need to think before we do.
I introspect, and I ask myself, “How often do I put another’s needs ahead of my own?” My “do good” list is short.  Sure, I will rush to aid someone in need. I listen with compassion when someone reveals their deepest fears, but I look at myself in the “looking glass” and I realise that I can do so much more.
Food for thought… Introspect before we label each other and other nations and then move to action.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The "coloured hair thing".

Growing up, I was always aware that my hair was “different” from my mother’s and my sisters. It caused great frustration, to both me and my mother, (who had to groom my “kroesie” hair).

My mother tried everything on my dry hair, from Amla, to coconut to olive oil. Allegra, (my older sister) had an explanation for it all; “Your hair was scorched while you were in the incubator.”

I had my first Sheen straightener done at the age of 12. My mom had one look at me and said, “Cindy, I would put this stinky stuff in the tube on my hair every single day if I was you.” The hairdresser nearly fell on her back and explained to my mom that it was a harsh chemical that could burn my scalp and lead to hair loss.

Mark Lottering based his first comedy show on how obsessed coloured people are with straight hair. It brought me back to reality and made me laugh at how obsessed I was with my hair. I hope that from here onwards, others, (who share similar childhood memories) will not scar their kids into making them believe that their hair “maketh the person”. Love yourself.

If I were the boss?

Being the boss is not an easy job. One can be hated and equally loved by one’s staff at the same time.

Like any other relationship, an employer, employee relationship requires constant work. Communication is the key between a happy and sustainable relationship and mutual respect is the cornerstone between these two stakeholders.

I would endeavour to have an open-door policy, but boundaries need to be set and employees need to follow the chain of command. My decisions would be based on what is best for the organisation that I work for. As stipulated in the King 3 Report, I would have my employees’ welfare at heart during my decision-making process.

Following these processes might not make me “Miss Congeniality”, but I promise that I would get the job done effectively and efficiently if I were the boss.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Voters, take a closer look before you cast your vote.

During President Zuma's State of the Nation Address, he said that the murder rate in South Africa declined by 8, 6 percent in the past year. Tax payers, 8, 6 percent is not good enough! We are not safe.
Sex crimes against children, women and the elderly are rife. A father slits his daughter’s throat before she can tell anyone that her dad tried to rape her best friend. Serial killings are a trend. House break-ins take place while families feel safe behind their locked doors and security gates. The robbers are smarter than the engineers who designed your fancy alarm systems and electric fencing.
Parents no longer leave their children in the care of the “trusted” neighbours. Fewer families take a stroll in the neighbourhood park. Muggers target hikers on Table Mountain.
Voters, take a closer look before you cast your vote.