Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spotlight on Africa.

Is it fair to say the Western culture is individualistic and the “African way” is to promote “ubuntu”/collectivism? I think not, and I believe that many South Africans agree with me.
The “I Lead SA” campaign challenges us to stop pointing fingers at others. It encourages us to take ownership for our wrongs and to modify our behaviour towards others. We need to think before we do.
I introspect, and I ask myself, “How often do I put another’s needs ahead of my own?” My “do good” list is short.  Sure, I will rush to aid someone in need. I listen with compassion when someone reveals their deepest fears, but I look at myself in the “looking glass” and I realise that I can do so much more.
Food for thought… Introspect before we label each other and other nations and then move to action.

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