Saturday, April 9, 2011

Growing up…

I absolutely loved my childhood! The best years of my life was when I played all day long and ruled over Darryl and Nigel. Yip, I loved my little “She-Ra” kingdom.
“Role play” was my favourite game. We would dress up into our super hero, (and heroin) gear and fly off my parents’ balcony or jump out of Aunty Margie’s big tree. I perfected a crash-landing and dusted my red Wellington boots off after a few dramatic “roll-arounds” in the sand.
My beautiful, girlie dresses always got torn. I once jumped from the top of the Jones’ staircase and ruined the heels of my brand new “Jack & Jill” pumps. Nobody saw, so I wriggled the heels until it looked slightly normal. I knew that I was going to get the hiding of my life once my mother saw what I had done to my new shoes, but alas, it was worth that jump!

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  1. lol hahaha Cindy the adventurer! Tell us more about yourself.