Sunday, April 17, 2011

Election spectacle.

Elections are drawing close and political parties are advertising on national television as well as going on road shows to canvas for votes. So much money and so little thought goes into these advertising campaigns…

President Zuma was shaking his stuff on a mobile stage last week and a few ladies dressed in colourful attire were jiggling their bodies and showing their panties to the audience. The crowd joined them in song and dance and that was it. That was Zuma’s address for votes!? I could not help but wonder; what type of message do a few half-naked ladies on a stage send to voters? It is evident that more of my taxes will be paid towards supporting another wife’s lavish lifestyle or flights aboard our national carrier. Clearly, the ANC will not secure my vote.

Helen Zille on the other hand, is showcased on national news as she breaks out in traditional song while wearing traditional African garments, (cloth and blanket wrapped around her body as her dress). Is this scenario realistic? She is a privileged lady who has never experience village life. This is the very same woman who would not avail funding to build walls for toilets in a Cape Town township last year. The DA’s campaign is deceptive and they therefore do not invoke trust in me. Another vote lost for the NP – oops, DA.

Helen Zille   Helen Zille

Does honest leadership still exist? Honest politicians please make yourself known and I will vote for you to lead our beautiful country. Structure your political campaigns, do not insult your target audience, address issues that stunts South Africa’s growth. Present the citizens of South Africa with long-term solutions.

Kindly leave the song and dance celebrations for the election after-party.


  1. Is there a thing called an "Honest politician" in this day and age...think not! Politics has always been dirty and will stay dirty. Even the good politicians become dirty politicians because of greed and the taste of power gives them a false sense of elitism over the poor.

    Honest leadership does prevail but only on the ground level, within our communities, there are remarkable people who lead without expecting money in return. They do it because they want to make a difference to the lives around them and these people won't go into politics because it would mean they have to sell their souls, morals and principles - true leaders.

    At the end of the day I guess it's up to us as the citizens of this beautiful country to make a difference by voting carefully for the party who will make a difference...and you right, who would that be!!!

  2. Aaah this is true. You can't trust any of these parties, but if you don't vote, you could leave your country up to someone you know nothing about and don't trust at all. Tough decision hey?