Friday, April 8, 2011

We are what we do.

Freedom fighters like Mandela and Che Guevara lived for the causes that they stood for. They are true revolutionists. Both men sacrificed their family lives and a normal existence to fight oppression.
Steve Biko educated the world on Black Consciousness. He wanted Black South Africans and other Black people to know that they were equal to White people. Biko knew that the colour of his skin did not define him. He encouraged Blacks to have self-worth. The South African Apartheid Regime killed him in 1977, but they did not kill his spirit or his written and spoken word. His legacy guided us towards an equalitarian society.
South Africa is by no means an “ideal” society. We have come a long way, and our process of transformation wowed the world, especially during the 2010 Soccer World Cup period when our nation unified. The saying goes, “Change starts from within.” The “I Lead SA” campaign is based on ownership. We should take responsibility for our actions before we point fingers at others. Apply this principle to all that you do and as a nation South Africa will overcome, slowly but surely.

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