Friday, April 8, 2011

Ouma and Oupa Coolsaet

My grandchildren would someday look forward to “story telling time” as I tell them about the adventures of Ouma and Oupa Coolsaet. Here follows the condensed version of our story.
It all started in December 2003, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico… My husband and I went on our first date, (and he says that he knew then that he was going to make me his wife someday). During October 2004, I followed him when he moved to New Orleans, Louisiana. Hurricane Katrina claimed our roof on 29 August 2005 and forced us to move to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The bitter cold sent me back to my hometown, Knysna in November 2005. I grew restless in my seaside town and grabbed an opportunity to work for a politician in the Delta State in Nigeria. My pirate proposed on the 1 March 2007 and we wed on 20 December 2008.
I hope to someday, (when I am a golden 80 years old) to sit on the stoep with my husband and look on as our naughty grandchildren create havoc in our garden.

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